Gentian Urban Developments


Town and City centre places are always changing, but never more-so than now. Changes in the way we work, shop, travel, meet and spend leisure time are happening at an unprecedented rate.

Public and private spaces should have a wealth of stakeholders. Residents, workers, shoppers, students, investors and visitors seek appealing, well-connected and multi-purpose destinations if they are to visit, stay, spend and be a part of our places.

The rapid change in consumer behaviours, requires a much closer understanding between Landlord and Tenant. Landlords are required to have a detailed understanding of Tenant business models and cashflows. Turnover rents and co-investment models are increasingly prevalent. Risk and reward sharing must be appraised.


GENTIAN URBAN DEVELOPMENTS has a broad team of property and design experts with extensive experience in delivering commercial and residential places.

The team is led by Ryan Kennedy who has 30 years of experience in retail and leisure design, development and leasing in urban environments.

Previously, Ryan led the High Street Retail team at JLL advising institutions, property companies and councils with regard to their property leasing and development strategies.

Projects include:

  • The redevelopment of The Moor in Sheffield; 1.2m sqft of city centre retail, leisure and public space.
  • Canterbury Riverside on behalf of Canterbury City Council. This new realm includes private residential, student residential, a Curzon cinema, restaurants and retail.


Gentian’s financial skillset in retail and leisure development and leasing is significantly enhanced by their development of many hospitals to provide commercial space for Costa Coffee, Marks and Spencer, WH Smith and more. All leases are turnover related after an appraisal of projections.

Gentian retain 26 hospital catering and retail hubs providing a long-established Landlord / Tenant relationship and a substantial cashflow in the sector.


To partner with property owners and councils that seek to transform their assets and spaces. We will provide a co-invest and / or development and asset management service to design and deliver.